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Neurofeedback training is a completely non-invasive type of therapy, which has recently been used in the world to complement the treatment of a wide range of disorders. The tool we use in this therapy is the neurofeedback device. This device allows us to stimulate the brain for various reactions, while monitoring the patient’s brain waves (EEG) and, if necessary, other bodily functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood flow, and muscle tension.

How does neurofeedback therapy work?
Before we start the therapy, we attach electrodes to the patient to measure brain waves in real time. Then, we assign the patient simple tasks to trigger the brain activity we are measuring. That can be a simple video game or audio stimulation (e.g. playing music or sounds that start and stop abruptly). These activities are designed to stimulate the brain to process information in different ways.

Neurofeedback aparat

Logopedski instrumenti

Soundsory headset

Soundsory headset is a device used in the implementation of a program aimed...

Digital Logopedic Set

Our speech therapist office is equipped with state-of-the art devices and...

School DAF device

School DAF is a device used in the treatment of stuttering, accelerated speech and other...

Forbrain aparat

Forbrain aparat

Sound starts its journey when captured by our outer ear. It travels through several structural units...

vocaSTIM®- Master

VocaSTIMaster is a conceptually designed device for diagnosis, therapy and therapeutic control...

Logopedic protetics

During our treatments, we strongly advise our patiens to...

Logopedic probes

Logopedic probes are the ‘tools’ that we, speech therapists, use in the treatment..


"Torbica+" Training Center provides training in the use of articulation probes (voice-setting probes) and massage probes (no other center in Serbia and the region use these).
The cost of the training, together with a free set of probes is:
24,000.00 din. – articulation probes
30,000.00 din. – massage probes

After completing the training, a certificate and manual are obtained.

Our services


The treatment in our cnter is organized according to the needs and individual characteristics of children. We combine individual and group (two children) approach. Our speech therapists, defectologists and special therapists work patiently and with dedication on the correction of speech and language, psychomotor, sensory and early developmental disorders (such as pervasive spectrum disorders). Using knowledge and experience, as well as the latest digital devices and aids, we manage to get the most out of children.


Our team is successfully engaged in counseling and educating parents whose children cope with various developmental disorders. We also provide professional training in the use of articulation and massage probes as a certified partner of the Russian National Medical and Surgical Center “N.I. PIOROGOVA”.

You can find out more information about training HERE


If your child needs the help of another professional, we will gladly arrange the observation at our center, because our team has cooperated with a lot of experts in this field for many years. With such holistic approach, we have achieved excellent results with children having certain deficits.

About us

We are a small private practice dealing with prevention, diagnosis, stimulation and treatment of all early developmental disorders, especially speech and language disorders. Our motivation is to make both children and parents feel good about us and happy to come. We are equipped with a variety of educational materials to support us while working with children.

We have lots of books, puzzles, wooden toys, Montessori program materials, sensory stimulation, sound toys, etc. We are also equipped with state-of-the-art treatment equipment. Articulation and massage probes, and a variety of other instruments for oral sensomotor use are used daily while working with children. Our goal is, above all, prevention and timely diagnosis and organization of adequate treatment.

We are located in Novi Beograd, a place easily accessible from any part of the city.

Our team

Logoped no.1

Svetlana Torbica-Marinković

Logoped no.2

Kristina Šulović Petković

Logoped no.3

Ivana Kuzminac

Logoped no.4

Milica Jotović

Logoped no.1

Slavka Đukic

Logoped no.2

Mlađan Kurdumanović

"Mamin San" Parenting School

Every month in a year since 2015, we have given lectures on "The Importance of Early Psychomotor and Speech-Linguistic Development" in the “Mamin San” (mom's dream) parenting school.

Visit us,
“Torbica +” Speech and Language Education Center, Novi Beograd
“Mamin San” Parenting School, Novi Beograd

Skola roditeljstva Mamin san

Parenting School

Lecturer: Svetlana Torbica Marinković

Muzicko-logopedske radionice

Music Therapy - "Muzikanti"

Since October 2017 we have once again been a part of the "Muzikanti" (the musicians) music program for children. Both children and parents are invited to join us on Sundays at 10 am. Call for application.

Price List "Torbica +" Speech Therapist

Type of review Duration Price

  • Initial assessment (testing, diagnostics) 60 minutes 3000
  • Initial assessment (Speech Therapist and Psychologist) 60 minutes 5000
  • Initial assessment – home visit 60 minutes 4000
  • Initial assessment ONLINE (Skype, Viber, etc.) 60 minutes 4000
  • Review assessment after one month 60 minutes 2000
  • Speech and Language Stimulation – Therapy session 60 minutes 2000
  • Speech and Language Stimulation – Therapy session ONLINE 45 minutes 2500
  • Speech and Language Stimulation – Therapy session (home visit) 45 - 60 minutes 3000
  • Early speech and language stimulation (ages 0-3) 45 minutes 2000
  • 10% OFF PACKAGE - 10 sessions (2-4 sessions per week) 60 minutes 15000
  • PACKAGE - 8 sessions (2-4 sessions per week) 60 minutes 13000
  • 20% OFF - PACKAGE - 10 sessions (5 sessions per week) 60 minutes 13500
  • Speech and language stimulation / two children from the family PACKAGE - 10 sessions 60 minutes 13500
  • Psychomotor reeducation 60 minutes 2000
  • Treatment with VOCA STIM voice stimulator 45 minutes 2000
  • PACKAGE - 10 sessions - Treatment with VOCA STIM voice stimulator 45 minutes 18000
  • VOCA STIM treatment combined with traditional chewing, swallowing and feeding therapy 60 minutes 2500
  • Neurofeedback treatment 60 minutes 2000
  • Neurofeedback treatment - PACKAGE - 10 sessions 18000 minutes 60
  • Psychologist Assessment - Psychodiagnostics (testing) 60 minutes 5000
  • Psychologist Assessment, Observation and Counselling 60 minutes 3000
  • Pre-school speech and language assessment including report 30 minutes 1500

* official price list starting from January 1, 2020
“Torbica+” Speeech and Language Education Centre
Svetlana Torbica Marinković
Person in charge


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Vojvođanska 13


063 7870430

Open hours:

Mon-Fri 09:00 - 20:00